„We create our advertising
materials on our own.“

Create print or online media for employees
and sales partners on your own


Advertising Material Editor

Today, creating media intelligently and successfully means combining a high degree of standardisation with many customisation options and personal customer contact while also designing the media on your own at the touch of a button. Advertisements, flyers, brochures or HTML5 online banners – the Advertising Material Editor makes it very easy to create a wide range of marketing measures for employees and sales partners. The templates guarantee consistent CI conformity, and completion with centrally managed database content ensures that the advertising messages are correct.

  • Easy, template-based creation of advertisements, flyers, brochures, posters and HTML5 banners
  • Dynamic layout adjustment depending on the selected content
  • Compliance with predefined layout rules to ensure CI in case of format changes
  • Ease of use with guided adaptation of templates with layout preview
  • Safe and flexible with individual selection of centrally maintained product data
  • Efficient due to automated completion with database contents

Configuration Assistant

Predefined templates’ structures can be customised using “content modules”. Additionally, the fixed content is automatically completed with custom database content.

  • Guided editing of templates with layout preview
  • Automated completion with database content such as company address, personal address etc.
  • Individual selection of centrally maintained product data
  • Free text entries, including content validation

Print module

A wide variety of different print media can be created using templates. Depending on the type and scope of the content, the representation is automatically adapted in compliance with the CI.

  • Template-based creation of advertisements, flyers, brochures and posters
  • Automatic layout adjustment based on content
  • Layout rules to ensure CI in case of format changes
  • Creation of PDF layout preview with watermark to safeguard the ordering process

Online module

Predefined, animated templates are automatically merged with database content to create a custom online banner.

  • Template-based creation of HTML5 banners
  • Complete animated modules with database content
  • Automated selection of appropriate image sizes
  • Insertion of a custom click tag


The Advertising Material Editor has an interface (API) for transferring the created data to a shop ordering process, for example, or to media posting and media distribution systems.

  • Documented interface (API) for integration into other systems and transfer of the created data
  • Support for integration into a shop ordering process



We support our customers in customised setup and implementation in their company, thus creating work processes optimally aligned to the respective company.

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With MMC, the European process, even including additional translation steps, is 50% faster compared to the process for the Canada and USA markets. Without MMC, we would have to hire an additional four employees.

Gert Vigener (European Director Creative Services),
Office Depot

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