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Approval Centre

The review process for creating communication content is among the most time-consuming tasks in Marketing. Entire departments are often involved in the preparation. The simple and comprehensible commenting and approval of communication content optimises this process significantly. The Approval Centre ensures a fast approval process. All common media formats -- including document, image, video and audio files -- can be viewed and commented on by everyone involved in the process. Even online banners can be easily commented using graphics and text markings. All annotations are summarised in the annotation overview.

  • Faster approval and correction rounds
  • Clearly attributable feedback even with many participants and parallel reviews
  • Audit-compliant issuance of approvals
  • Automated correction instructions for service providers
  • Review rounds with comment overview and graphics and text markings
  • Annotation of PDF documents, images, video, audio and online banners
  • Integrated player for playback of all common media formats
  • Automated documentation of all process steps, reviews and approvals

Review Assistant

The organisation of individual participants is centralised, aligned to the required resources and requirements of the respective activity.

  • Centralised management of review rounds
  • Parallel reviews
  • Any number of persons
  • Pre-definable groups
  • Deadlines, including reminder function
  • Clearly assignable feedback by participants

Document and image annotation

A variety of tools are available to annotate content and layouts, from single-page documents to an extensive catalogue.

  • Annotation of PDF documents
  • Text comments and graphic markings
  • No download necessary (Web-based)
  • Faithful representation of all content

Film and audio annotation

The special feature is time-based annotation based on the time code. Times can be marked and the starting and end points can be freely defined.

  • Display of annotations on a timeline
  • Define input and output points for the annotations
  • Visualisation of the soundtrack as a waveform
  • Automatic conversion of film files

Online banner annotation

Online banners are played live as originals with all interactive features and functions. Apart from the corrections to the contents, the animation sequence can also be revised. 

  • Content corrections on individual sequences
  • Correction instructions for animation sequence
  • Banner is executed with programmed interactive features
  • Support for various correction instructions within an annotation
  • No additional plug-ins required

Correction and approval process

Approvals can be obtained quickly and comprehensibly. Correction instructions for revision of media content can easily be sent to the participants.

  • Clear presentation and documentation of processes
  • Evaluation and consolidation of feedback
  • Automated correction instructions for service providers
  • Audit-compliant issuance of approvals

Review history

All reviews and approvals are automatically documented and archived. The creation process of media content can thus be tracked seamlessly. 

  • Automated documentation of all review rounds and approvals
  • Backup of all document versions
  • Traceability of the creation process



We support our customers in customised setup and implementation in their company, thus creating work processes optimally aligned to the respective company.

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With AMO(Advertising Management Online) from ORT, we have been able to make time-consuming review processes in creating communication measures throughout all media channels more efficient by about 30%.

Peter Görzel (Head of Advertising),
Deutsche Lufthansa

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