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The high level of customisability enables
optimal integration into the corporate structure.



Many marketing processes are recurring activities that differ only slightly from the sequence of the individual production steps. However, companies often develop their own particular approaches or use in-house terms for special activities. Customer-specific requirements therefore need to be integrated into the predefined process steps optimised on the basis of experience. We support our customers in implementing these customer-specific requirements, creating work processes optimally aligned to the respective company. We also handle the creation and assignment of process participants to internal departments and external service providers. This makes it possible to receive system-supported proposals that shorten the selection process and reliably ensure implementation.

  • Reduced threshold to use by using established in-house terms
  • Easy, task-based management of access and write permissions via a roles & rights matrix
  • Automatic preselection of involved partners according to the particular measure
  • Fast finding and assignment of all content, activities and partners through flexibly definable metadata.
  • Customised adjustment of standard timings.
  • Fast storage through automated loading of customer-specific directory structures.


Different workflows, user roles and permissions can be freely defined for campaigns or measures. The terms used can also be adapted to the in-house terminology. 

  • Support for various workflows
  • Individual workflow steps can be freely defined
  • Custom user roles and permissions
  • Free selection of terminology for status, deadlines, document folders
  • Custom notifications and action buttons


All internal and external partners are created individually. Automatic preselection is performed according to the selected measure and on the basis of the stored information.

  • Mapping of departmental structures and corporate hierarchies
  • Automatic preselection of partners from departments, agencies and print shops to lawyers
  • Address management for creation of all partners, including categorisation and characteristics


Customer-specific metadata enable categorisation of all activities for fast finding and assignment. They additionally provide the basis for transparent reporting.

  • Custom metadata are possible for:
  • Measures
  • Productareas
  • Brands
  • Target group-specific specifications etc.
  • Properties can be freely defined as:
  • Mandatory fields
  • Multiple choice
  • Free text field etc.


Predefined standard timings based on past experience can be used. Additionally, these can be customised to the individual customer. They serve as the basis for planning and ensure an optimised work process.

  • Predefined standard timings for various activities
  • Individual timings and milestones are freely definable
  • Timings are continuously examined and optimised by reporting

Roles & rights management

Any user roles can be defined and integrated into the processes. Established roles & rights configurations can also be used and modified.

  • Mapping and differentiation of any number of roles/user groups
  • Management of access and write permissions via a roles & rights matrix
  • Status- and situation-dependent authorisations

Document management

The creation of directory structures can be aligned to the specific requirements of the company. Predefined directories are also available. These are automatically loaded according to the measure.

  • Custom creation of directory structures
  • Predefined directory structures
  • Assignment of multiple directory structures to various activities

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With the MMC and Smart Adaptation, we have further optimised our products and significantly reduced costs and internal procedures.

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