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Targeted management of all measures, tasks,
projects, deadlines and partners.


Production Control

The key to increasing efficiency in Marketing is lean, well-structured work and approval processes. Established approaches need to be automated and continuously optimised. The orchestration of internal participants and external partners and their integration into the processes provide huge potential time savings. All tools supporting the direct work and approval processes are summarized in production control. The guided processes ensure a consistently high quality of work and fast processing of the various activities. Deviations from the production processes due to delays or postponements are automatically reported and enable a quick response.

  • Detailed and always up-to-date overview of all jobs and tasks within a campaign
  • Timings and deadlines in a simple, visual traffic light format
  • Automatic, predefined notifications in case of deviations
  • Seamless, system-supported job transfer in substitution situations
  • Predefined information queries for creating measures and advertising materials
  • Automatic notifications of all implementation partners involved in the production process
  • Continuous optimisation of the workflow through time-based evaluation of all process steps
  • Comprehensive evaluation capabilities for process duration, number of corrections, target groups etc.

Job management

Jobs and tasks update automatically and the process progress is visible at all times. Campaign affiliation, responsible persons and the next deadlines are displayed.

  • All jobs and tasks always up-to-date at a glance
  • Own tasks specially marked
  • Deadline status with traffic light format


Various external and internal partners are managed in the process of creating communication measures. The MMC facilitates this with its pre-set standard processes.

  • Consistent processes, from initial briefing to delivery
  • Standard processes for print, online banners and video and audio
  • Standard processes for revising advertising materials (including modified and unmodified reprints)
  • Interfaces to translation management systems
  • Interfaces for document delivery

Notification Assistant

Notification templates are available for all types of notifications, such as process progress, task assignment, reminders and warnings. All relevant information is automatically sent to the relevant process participants.

  • Preconfigured notification templates
  • Automated notifications for
  • Process progress
  • Process progress reminders
  • Warnings

Out of Office Assistant

Illness, holiday or pregnancy often necessitate short-term job transfer. The automated processes ensure a seamless handover.

  • Substitutes are automatically notified
  • Substitutes can seamlessly continue the process
  • Out of office persons are displayed
  • Custom out of office messages

Specification Assistant

The relevant product characteristics are queried individually for the various measures and automatically provided to the implementation partners.

  • Individual query per type of measure
  • Freely definable criteria
  • Automated notifications of implementation partners


Temporal evaluation of all process steps and a substantive evaluation of all activities enable continuous optimisation of processes and content.

  • Creation of customised reports
  • Comprehensive evaluation capabilities for
  • Media content and channels
  • Targeted groups
  • Number of correction loops
  • Average duration of process steps


All process steps, including all document versions, are automatically stored. This represents a huge reduction in workload and makes it possible to plan new activities on the basis of past experience.

  • Permanent and fast access to all created media content and activities
  • Process steps and status changes 
  • Documents in all versions
  • Workflow notifications
  • Timings



We support our customers in customised setup and implementation in their company, thus creating work processes optimally aligned to the respective company.

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With MMC, the European process, even including additional translation steps, is 50% faster compared to the process for the Canada and USA markets. Without MMC, we would have to hire an additional four employees.

Gert Vigener (European Director Creative Services),
Office Depot

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