„It feels good
knowing my data
are secure now.

Certified data protection and
permanent audit compliance are a
stable foundation of digitalisation.


Audit compliance

Audit compliance refers to the electronic archiving of information and documents subject to mandatory or discretionary retention for electronic archive systems. In Germany, electronic archive systems must comply with the requirements of the German Commercial Code (Sections 239, 257 HGB), the Fiscal Code (Sections 146, 147 AO) and the principles for the proper keeping and retention of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access (GoBD) and other tax and commercial law requirements. The MMC meets all these criteria and can therefore be referred to as an audit-compliant archive system. With the MMC, we also offer our customers a software solution for certifying in-house processes (e.g. according to requirements of the FDA/Food and Drug Administration).


Each document must be stored correctly in accordance with the legal and internal organisational requirements.


The archiving must be conducted in full – no document may get lost on the way to the archive or in the archive itself.


of the overall procedure

Each document must be archived at the earliest time organisationally feasible


against alteration and falsification

Each document must match its original and be archived in an unalterable state.


only by authorised persons

Each document may be viewed only by users with corresponding permissions.


against loss

Each document must be retrievable and reproducible within a reasonable time.


with retention periods

Each document must not be destroyed (that is, deleted from the archive) before expiry of its retention period.


Each modifying action in the electronic archive system must be logged traceably for authorised persons.


The entire organisational and technical archiving process can be audited at any time by an expert third party.


of the procedure

Compliance with all the principles listed above must be ensured in all migrations and modifications to the archive system.

Source: German Association of Organisation and Information Systems (VOI)


Data security

The data protection field is already very important today and will become even more important in future. We manage large amounts of sensitive content for our customers, so data protection is a top priority for us in the data centre. With our data protection managers and data protection auditors (certified by TÜV Rheinland), we also support you in all aspects of data protection, from creating and reviewing job data agreements to prior checking in data protection and IT security at suppliers and the preparation of all necessary documents. We also support the preparation and supervision of external customer audits. We protect your sensitive data.

Our Hosting Service

The secure solution for data collection, processing and hosting

Our powerful application and database servers form the core of our data centre. They meet the highest standards for data security and availability.

With our reliable redundancy and backup servers, we also reliably and permanently increase the security of your data.

Additional services for image and video conversion such as Pageflex and VIVA renderers for web-to-print applications are also hosted here and made available for use.

IT security certification granted to ORT Medienverbund GmbH.