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Marketing as one!

Mit dem MMC treiben Sie die Transformation in Ihrer Marketingorganisation voran und stellen mit einem Framework an dezidierten Komponenten und Modulen und der Integration von Drittsystemen ein Marketing-Ecosystem bereit. Sie bilden mit dem MMC eine effektive Plattform für agile Marketingteams, schaffen einheitliche Strukturen, nachvollziehbare Prozesse und sorgen so auch für eine zentrale Datenhaltung bei Vermeidung von Daten- und Wissens-Silos.


+49 2151-376376


The MMC offers a range of solutions for different areas of application. Find out here what special requirements MMC can fulfil with exactly the right solution.

      Create videos from data.
      For highly individual customer journeys.

      Your target group is diversified. And so are the products and offers in your portfolio. Bring the two together and show your customers exactly the right offers at the right time. Displayed in real time, in all channels, adapted to preferences and purchasing behavior.

      You can see the solution on this page: Programmatic Video. Discover how you can boost your social advertising, retargeting and customer loyalty campaigns with data-based visual performance marketing. Have fun!

      Play individually-customised videos to each of your customers – in real time

      Address both current and prospective customers with their own personal video. Via social media, dialogue campaigns, newsletters, or at the POS. For content and offers that match the customer’s preferences and buying behaviour. With moods, music, colours and visuals that fit the social milieu and age group. Not put together by hand, but created automatically with the aid of AI. Enjoy data-based visual performance marketing for a personalised customer experience.

      Your advantages: Data-based, visual performance marketing guarantees a personalised customer experience. With astonishing results in terms of awareness and conversion.

      Newsletter performance
      Increase dwell time on your landing page and draw every customer in with their own personal video.
      Brand loyalty
      Dramatically increase brand loyalty with an individualised approach.
      Retargeting ROAS
      Run social media ads with personal appeal and achieve a retargeting ROAS of 35-77.
      Churn rate
      Reduce the churn rate in online bookings by means of a personal confirmation video.
      Time spent in store
      Play dynamic video content in real time on social media and the POS and increase your in-store rate many times over.

      Video content beats static communication by a huge margin.

      Who wants to go through loads of text and graphics if they can find out the same information in an attractive video or animated tutorial? Moving images are superior to static content on many levels.

      • Social media videos are shared 12 times more often than text and images
      • 95 % of a video message is retained, but only 10% of written text
      • 64 % of viewers make a purchase after watching a brand video
      • 68 % prefer watching videos to find out about new products or services to looking at articles, infographics, eBooks or presentations

      What can be dynamically individualised in any video?

      Still Content
      Products, moods, CI elements
      Scenes, cuts
      Adapt colours for selected parts of a scene
      Brightness, hues
      Voice-over, music, tone, language versions
      Personalisation, internationalisation, tone
      Prices, features, delivery dates, addresses, CRM data
      Real-time information on place, time and date

      No video content?
      No problem! We produce moving images for all channels.

      • Conceptional design and storyboard development
      • Direction, production and technical realization
      • Photo and filming crews for all kinds of productions: people, talk, product, fashion and outdoor
      • 1,500 m2 of modular studio architecture
      • Flexible crews for shooting on location
      • Editing and post-production
      • Categorisation and expansion of existing content
      • Optimized preparation for programmatic use
      • Live broadcasting studio & infrastructure
      • Recruitment films, trade fair videos & ongoing support


      Make the most of MMC’s advantages for your Programmatic Video project as well:

      MMC_Icons_Campaign & Budget_Icon
      Campaign &
      Budget Planning
      Plan your programmatic video for all channels. Keep track of your budget and expenses.
      MMC_Icons_Creative & Production Workflows
      Creative &
      Production Workflows
      Support your teams with workflows in all areas of activity – from creation and production to approval and rollout of your video.
      MMC_Icons_Agile Project Management
      Agile Project
      Digitalise your work processes with individual workspaces and task- and workload-optimised kanban boards.
      MMC_Icons_Review & Approval Center
      Review &
      Approval Center
      Review your programmatic video digitally and approve it online.
      MMC_Icons_Digital Asset Management
      Asset Management
      Save, organise and manage your video assets centrally and seamlessly – easy to find with controlled access.
      Brand & Service Portals
      Brand &
      Service Portals
      Supply your sites, marketing teams, retailers and partners with targeted moving image assets for all media channels.

      Any questions about Programmatic Video? Then let’s talk!

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